Brits call for stronger phones as handset damage increases

89 per cent of Brits suggest modern smartphones are too weak compared with past devices

Brits call for sturdier smartphones as a new study finds 89 per cent of users think handsets were stronger and more reassuring five years ago

The majority of the British public believe that mobile phones should be made stronger, a new study has revealed.

Following the news that scientists have developed a “self repairing” plastic that could be used in future handsets; British mobile phone users have declared they do not think that their devices are tough enough.

A study by phone comparison site GoodMobilePhones has found that 89 per cent of users thought that their mobile devices should be made tougher with over three quarters believing that current devices are weaker than their predecessors from five years ago, which they thought were made out of more durable materials.

Of the one thousand people that were interviewed for the survey, over half of the study group admitted that they had physically damaged their phones within the last year. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 4/4s was voted the weakest handset with it’s glass coating, although aesthetically pleasing is prone to cracking if dropped or knocked against a hard object.

When asked if the participants would like to see the integration of self repairing plastic on mobile devices in the future, a massive 92 per cent were reportedly in favour of its introduction.

Mark Owen, the managing director of agreed with some of the thoughts on the study. “With the advances of technology in mobile phones, it seems odd that more people’s phones are breaking nowadays; but with advances in technology inevitably come more fragile aspects to break,” he said.

“I think that the development of materials that ‘self-heal’ will offer huge opportunities to integrate them into mobile phone design and will most likely be welcomed by those fed up of replacing the screen or casing on their Smartphone.”

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