British man inserts smartphone dock into prosthetic arm

World's first ever person to use prosthetic arm to dock his smartphone is British

Trevor Prideaux has become the world's first patient to have his prosthetic arm used as a smartphone docking system, with Nokia chipping in to build something suitable for his situation

Prideaux was born without his left arm and was helped by medical experts and communication representatives from Nokia to build a special prosthetic arm which includes a smartphone docking system.

He used to have problems balancing the smartphone on his earlier prosthetic, which is what caused the redesign of the arm.

Now the 50-year-old man from Wedmore, Somerset can make calls or text without moving the mobile, which is inserted into the fibreglass and laminate arm.

Prideaux, who works in catering, says the phone, a Nokia C7, is removable and has been of great help. He had initially tried to get Apple to help him as he had an iPhone but was not successful in convincing them of the project. This special prototype was created in five weeks.

Via: The Telegraph