British Library launches first iOS and Android apps

See some of the world's greatest treasures on your iPhone

Check out Nelson's battle plan on your smartphone.

This is one of those apps that's likely to feature in the iPad commercials. You know the one with the iritating piano theme with all the different keywords flashing on screen between footage of the apps?

The British Library Treasures app, falls under Educational. It offers digital reproductions of 100 of the library's finest artefacts, including first editions of Alice in Wonderland and the world's oldest bible, Codex Sinaiticus.

You'll also be able to get a close look at Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks, Nelson's battle plan, written before he whooped ass at Trafalgar and Jane Austen's teenage writings. There's also an original Magna Carta from 1215. The collection is augmented by 250 hi-def images and 40 videos providing expert commentary from historians and explorers like Ben Fogle.

You can download the app for iPod touch, iPhone and Android Market from today for the introductory price of £1.19 and for £2.39 for the iPad version. It'll make you feel better about spending all of your spare time on Angry Birds or Sonic 4.

Link: British Library