Bose VideoWave system officially launches

All-in one entertainment system with no separate speakers

Image 1 of 3 Bose Click Pad remote control front
Bose Click Pad remote control
Image 2 of 3 Bose VideoWave entertainment system
Bose VideoWave entertainment system
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Bose VideoWave entertainment system

Surround sound set-up all built into 46-inch LCD display

Bose is set to revolutionise your home cinema set-up with the launch of its VideoWave entertainment system.

Giving you a music system and home cinema system all in one, a 46-inch 1080p LCD display houses all the speaker technology needed to deliver surround sound without any separate speakers.

Up to five high definition devices including blu-ray players, games consoles and set-top boxes, can be connected to the base console which stores the information needed to re-create interfaces from your devices straight onto the display.

Completing the entertainment experience is an iPod/iPhone dock and Bose's new click pad remote which controls all the on-screen menus.

So how do you get the feel of a surround sound set-up without dotting speakers around the room? Well, Bose has placed six high performance woofers into the back of the display and a new version of the company’s WaveGuide technology, which helps deliver those deep low notes associated with the cinematic viewing experience.

Bose's new PhaseGuide sound radiator technology is the most innovative part of the audio set-up which combined with a seven-element speaker array and advanced Bose proprietary customised signal processing delivers sound beyond the screen.

If you are worried that your blu-ray player or set-top box might not be compatible with the VideoWave, Bose has already packed the base console with IR (infrared) codes to support the most popular devices If you can’t find the IR code for your particular device, Bose will update the list which can then be downloaded from the website and installed into the console via USB.

The click pad remote which can control all your connected devices, is the result of years of research by Bose to simplify the process of controlling numerous devices from just a single remote. Using radio frequency technology, the click pad can be pointed anywhere to control the on-screen control frame.

Every system is also packed with a newer version of Bose’s ADAPTiQ audio calibration technology which helps to make an audio arrangement of your room ensuring you get the best sound from your system.

The VideoWave entertainment system is priced in at a hefty £6,000. A white glove service is included in the package which means trained staff will install, set-up and adjust the ADAPTiQ calibration to ensure the system is perfect for your room.

It will be available from Bose stores and select retailers in the UK from October 14th. You can read our Bose VideoWave hands-on review here.

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