Bloodhound SSC will use Intel Atom chipset

1000mph car will pack Intel tech to keep it safe

Image 1 of 4 Bloodhound SSC 3
Bloodhound SSC uses Intel chipset
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Bloodhound SSC uses Intel chipset
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Bloodhound SSC uses Intel chipset
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Bloodhound SSC uses Intel chipset

The Bloodhound SSC is now one step closer to being able to break the sound barrier.

Intel has announced today that its Atom processors will be powering the onboard computers that will keep the car safe to speeds in excess of 1000mph.

The car is being built to withstand biblical levels of stress and to cope with the harsh conditions a land vehicle will face at those speeds. Because of this, its onboard computer systems will need 8 Atom processors in total, all working to help with steering controls, engine management, and of course the cars safety features.


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Using an engine from a Typhoon fighter jet, the Bloodhound will have three processors alone simply maintaining the hybrid jet engine that will power the car. Each one will not only be managing the engines but also checking the others calculations, making sure there is absolutely no room for error. Meanwhile another will then be used to power the cockpit displays and send all the car's vital statistics to the pilot.

Finally, the remaining four processors will be used for steering controls. The higher the speed, the smaller there is a window for error, so each processor will be entirely focused on doing a specific task making sure the pilot can make minute steering adjustments.

With processing power like that it seems hard to imagine, on the computing side at least, this car can fail to reach it's target speed.

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