Blizzard unveils collectible card game 'Hearthstone'

The creators of Warcraft-, Starcraft- and Diablo- take on a new project

Blizzard announces its new project 'Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft,' a cross-platform digital collectible card game at PAX East this weekend.

The free-to-play game will be set in the popular Warcraft universe and will be available for users on PC and Mac soon with an iPad release to follow.

Players will receive a booster pack of 5 cards when they join and can then purchase packs of additional cards for $1 (60p) each in shops. The cards will then become replicated within the game.

During the presentation of the new project at PAX East gaming converntion, Blizzard's Chief Creative Officer Rob Pardo stated that cards will be used for "a wide range of colourful warcraft spells, weapons, and characters."

With World of Warcraft having 9.6 million subscribers, Blizzard will be tapping in to the successful game with a new level of strategy.

Polygon reports that the game should be surprisingly simple with most of the work automated by the game. Jason Chayes, Production Director for the game says, "one of the core tenants when creating Hearthstone was to make sure it was an easy-to-understand and broadly appealing title."

Matches within the game should take about 10 minutes , Chaynes said, with the goal of the game to take down your opponent's hero.

Players can sign-up for the initial beta testing phase this summer on, but the full game is predicted for release by the end of 2013.

Blizzard have also recently announced that the release of Diablo III will be avaiable for Sony PS4 and PS3 owners.

Source: Polygon

Image: Blizzard