UPDATE: Starcraft II HotS Vengeance trailer now live

Game set for launch on March 12th 2013

Vengeance trailer set to be shown, along with developer discussion and show match

UPDATE: The video has gone live and is available below.

Blizzard will be giving Starcraft fans a sneak peak at upcoming addition to the series Heart of the Swarm tomorrow.

The world premiere of the Vengence trailer will take place at 8PM GMT on TwitchTV.

According to Blizzard, the reveal will also include a live discussion with Blizzard developers Chris Metzen, Dustin Browder and Jeff Chamberlin, as well as Starcraft II community manager Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson.

Viewers will be able to participate in the discussion through Twitter or Vine using the hashtag #vengeance.

Following the discussion, there will be a show match of the expansion, allowing fans to see the new units in action.