BlackBerry Z10 price leaked ahead of launch

RIM's new flagship supposedly to cost £480

A new leak has hit the internet suggesting the UK SIM-free price of the BlackBerry Z10 just days before RIM officially announces the new handset

January 30, 2013 is going to be a big day for Research in Motion. It's no secret the Canadian company has struggled of late and the hope is the arrival of two new handsets and a new operating system will help turn the tide.

It's hardly surprising that leaks have begun to appear however, and the latest rumour is that the 16GB BlackBerry Z10 will retail in the UK at a SIM-free price point of £480.

That puts it above the Samsung Galaxy S3 but below the iPhone 5 (by about thirty quid) in terms of price range. The purpoted leak came from a snapshot of Carphone Warehouse's internal database that listed a white, 16GB version of the Z10 at £479.95.

The Z10 is certainly gunning for the iPhone 5, losing the famous BlackBerry keyboard in favour of a touchscreen and apparently packing in a Siri-like personal assistant. will be all over RIM's launch event on Wednesday so stay tuned for the very latest BlackBerry news and feel free to share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Source: Engadget