BlackBerry Torch price slashed after poor US sales

RIM halves sale price in the States after just one week

Is BlackBerry OS6 already outdated?

While there’s no official word on a UK release date for the new BlackBerry Torch slider phone, it’s been available in the US now for a week. Despite the handset being manufacturer RIM’s new flagship – rocking the overhauled OS 6 and a touchscreen – it’s been the victim of incredibly poor sales Stateside.

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Neither RIM nor American carrier AT&T have released sales figures, but the numbers must be poor as the Torch has had to have a pretty severe price cut, knocking $100 dollars off the asking price just a week after launch.

The Torch hit stores last week at $199, but reports suggest that it’s now on sales at many retailers for $99, which points to something of an emergency. Underwhelming press could well be to blame, as the Torch failed to set T3 alight along with the majority of you, our readers in our recent poll.

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Link: Via Gizmodo