BlackBerry Tablet out next week says Wall Street Journal

US paper says RIM's slate imminent

No word on final name, but plans afoot to sell it minus contract.

The much-vaunted BlackBerry Tablet could be making an official appearance as soon as next week according to The Wall Street Journal. The US financial rag has spoken to, “people familiar with RIM’s plans,” who reckon the device will make its debut at the phone maker’s developer conference in San Francisco.

The insiders also confirmed that BlackBerry OS will be jettisoned for a new system built by QNX, with claims that this new UI will eventually replace the BlackBerry OS on all of RIM’s devices.

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Word is that the BlackBerry Tablet will rock a 7-inch screen, with dual cameras a possibility. It’ll also pack Wi-Fi, but, as previously reported, will only be able to connect to mobile networks by being tethered to a phone. This will allow RIM to flog it without a contract.

One thing that remains unclear is the name. While BlackPad is still a possibility, RIM’s recent application for the name SurfBook suggests it could go with a different title altogether. It seems all will be revealed in just a few days time.

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