BlackBerry Tablet needs smartphone for internet

Touchscreen BlackBerry slider also tipped for launch

BlackBerry's push on touchscreen tech begins

Research in Motion, manufacturers of BlackBerry smartphones is reportedly working on a tablet device that would work in connection with their pocket blowers.

Little is known about the mysterious tablet, but according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the device would be a touchscreen touting piece of tech requiring a BlackBerry handset to access the internet. As such, it would not work as a standalone web browser or mail provider like the Apple iPad.

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In a bid to compete with the touchscreen devices being launched by competitors Apple and HTC, the Canadian company is also believed to be testing a new touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone model with a slide-out keyboard.

Both devices are rumored to run the new BlackBerry OS 6 an operating system similar in function to Apple’s new iOS 4 offering a new browser, pinch-to-zoom motions and multi touch support. Previewed earlier in the year by RIM, BlackBerry OS 6 has already been lined up for a September 30th rollout.

As such, it is unlikely that either the touchscreen BlackBerry slider or the BlackBerry tablet will be with us before that date.

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Via: Wall Street Journal