BlackBerry Tablet: more features touted

Is Flash coming to RIM's iPad wannabe?

New report confirms previously rumoured specs and inclusion of Flash in BlackBerry Tablet.

The BlackBerry Tablet gossip is really starting to hot up. After an analyst claimed over the weekend that a new iPad-battler from RIM was on its way with a 7-inch screen, dual cameras and a 1Ghz processor, now a new report claims Flash will be sitting pretty inside the device too.

Insiders close to RIM have apparently said all the specs from yesterday’s tittle tattle are spot on. Flash 10.1 will also be on board, tying in nicely with Adobe’s recent announcement that the software would be primed for BlackBerrys by the second half of 2010.

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The BlackBerry Tablet is also said to include a hardware-based Flash accelerator. Sadly though, there’s no more news on when we’ll be seeing it. Chatter about a release before Christmas has gone quiet.

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Via Betanews