BlackBerry Tablet: dual cameras on board?

Analyst claims iPad-battler coming this year

New specs and release date for RIM's tablet says tech watcher.

The much-hyped BlackBerry Tablet will, rock two cameras, have a 7-inch panel and a 1Ghz processor. That’s the word from an analyst who also reckons the iPad rival will land later this year.

Ashok Kumar says RIM is pulling forward the release date of its BlackBerry Tablet from early 2011 in order to get it out and in the wild before Christmas 2010. The dual cameras are set to be a big focus, with video conferencing a central feature.

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With the iPad currently cameraless, it seems the BlackBerry Tablet will be aimed right at business types wanting to hold virtual meetings rather than flicking through pics and watching movies on the move.

At this stage, this remains a dirty rumour, but with the iPad surging ahead, RIM will doubtless need to get its tablet out sharpish if it’s to make a dent in Apple’s colossal sales.

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Via Cnet