Blackberry service resumes in Saudi Arabia

A deal with RIM might be in the offing

The see-saw continues with Blackberry services coming back to Saudi Arabian BB users.

After the news broke that two countries in the Middle East had banned Blackberry services in their countries, there has been a slight turn-around.

After a temporary service block, Blackberry services have resumed in the country of Saudi Arabia. This is due to officials saying a deal with RIM might be on the horizon.

Reports also say that tests are being conducted in the country via its telecommunication regulator to see if the ban could be circumvented for its 700,000-strong Blackberry population.

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UAE has proposed banning Blackberry services in the country on October 11 if a deal is not met with RIM over being able to access encrypted data. India has also expressed security concerns over the use of Blackberry services in the country.

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Via: BBC