BlackBerry PlayBook video shows off key features

PlayBook pairing with BlackBerry phones revealed

PlayBook features we can look forward to

The first hands-on video with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has emerged showing off key features that RIM will hope help it better the Apple iPad.

BGR have had spent some extensive time looking at notable features such as app multitasking, 1080p HD video, the four multi-touch bezels and finding out how pairing the PlayBook with BlackBerry smartphones will work

Interestingly at the end of the video, it is also revealed that those who successfully submit PlayBook apps to BlackBerry World will receive a free BlackBerry PlayBook when they become available.

Earlier this week, footage of the PlayBook at a network event in Canada surfaced showcasing 1080p HD video playback capabilities, the device’s operating system, the user interface, and a slick two-style gesture control design.

The BlackBerry Playbook is expected to launch in spring 2011, just days ahead of the arrival of Apple’s muted iPad 2, with the RIM tablet also sporting a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and front and rear facing cameras.

You can see the BlackBerry PlayBook hands-on video below.

Link: BGR