BlackBerry PlayBook tethers to BB smartphones

PlayBook allows on-the-go browsing for BB owners

RIM's WiFi iPad-competitor, the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook, will allow internet tethering to the user's BlackBerry smartphone, according to bods at RIM on Thursday. This means browsing on-the- go for the loyal BlackBerry fans lucky enough to own both the new tablet and a permutation of the classic businessman's smartphone.

Furthermore, if your BlackBerry smartphone and your PlayBook are connected via Bluetooth, experts at RIM will be able to set up tethering for you remotely, saving you all that trial and error, should-this-be-on-or-off settings prodding.

We had a look at the PlayBook at CES this year, and were impressed by its build quality (less flimsy than Samsung's Galaxy Tab), touch-sensitive bezel and its snappy processor. Click here for a read of our first (and near-singularly positive) impressions.