BlackBerry PlayBook slapped with price tag

RIM CEO reveals just how much tablet will cost

Main man promises "very competitively priced" slate when it lands early next year.

Can’t wait till February to get your hands on a BlackBerry PlayBook? We feel your pain. But RIM’s Co-CEO Jim Ballsillie has some good news. The main man says the iPad-battler will come in under $500 when it hits Stateside shelves.

Whether that really translates to £312 on these shores remains to be seen. But Ballsillie says the slate will be “very competitively priced,” essentially code for wanting to match or undercut the most affordable iPad at any cost. The 16GB version of Apple’s tablet currently costs $499 across the pond, although this is expected to drop when the iPad 2 lands early next year.

Of course, RIM doesn’t only have Apple to think about. There’s Samsung’s recently unleashed Galaxy Tab, plus a slew of new machines set to get an airing at CES next January. That means it’ll need to drive costs down in order to get sales flying.

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Via Engadget