BlackBerry PlayBook: RIM denies killing off Wi-Fi version

Mobile maker slams reports of slate's demise

Plans to rollout device in more countries says BlackBerry maker.

The Wi-Fi version of the BlackBerry PlayBook is not being killed off. That’s the word directly from RIM, responding to claims that it was set to ditch the Wi-Fi-only model for 3G and 4G editions.

In a statement to CRN, RIM said, "Rumors [sic] suggesting that the Wi-Fi version of the BlackBerry PlayBook is being discontinued are pure fiction. Over the past month, the PlayBook has launched in 16 additional markets around the world and further rollouts are planned for Southeast Asia, Western Europe and the Middle East in the coming weeks."

The PlayBook’s struggles, and those of RIM in general, have been well documented. But it’s good to see this potentially killer device isn’t being given the heave. That said. the 3G and 4G models will have to be quick to shelves if they want to go toe-to-toe with the imminent iPad 3.

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