BlackBerry PlayBook outsold by iPad 19:1

RIM's Blackberry Playbook fails to succeed Apple's iconic tablet

New figures look set to show how BlackBerry PlayBook has failed to get close to Apple's iPad or Samsung's Galaxy tablets

The BlackBerry PlayBook has been hammered by the iPad over the summer, with official stats likely to show that RIM’s slate was outsold by a massive 19 to one by Apple’s bestselling slate.

The news comes from a survey of analysts commissioned by Bloomberg. RIM is due to deliver figures for the first full quarter the PlayBook was on sale today, with tech watchers claiming they’ve sold a mere 490,000. That compares to 9.25 million iPads in the last quarter.

It’s a bitter blow for RIM, which touted the PlayBook as a trailblazer and iPad-botherer when it was first shown off in the autumn of 2010. But its lack of a native email client and failure to hit shelves quickly seems to have done for it.

The same analysts claim RIM will sell roughly 2.2 million PlayBooks in total this year, with Samsung shifting 7 million Android tablets and Apple way out front with 39.2 million iPads.

Which ever way you cut it, this has been a bad year for RIM. The PlayBook’s not a bad device, but it needs more care and attention if it’s ever going to be able to compete. Got a PlayBook? Tell us what you think of it on our Facebook and Twitter pages.