BlackBerry PlayBook on sale now in the US for $500

Just £306 will get you the 16GB WiFi-only model

But don't expect native email support

It’s been a long time coming, but now the BlackBerry PlayBook has finally gone on sale… in the US at least. The tablet hits stateside stores today, having first been announced in early 2010.

The 7-inch tab, which is being aimed at both business professionals and more casual users, is on sale for $500 (£306) for the 16GB WiFi model. 32GB and 64GB will set you back $600 and $700 - £367 and £429 – respectively.

The tablet runs BlackBerry’s bespoke QNX operating system, but it will be able to take advantage of apps from the Android app store. It’s not yet available with 3G, but that will be coming soon. Also missing – and has been widely reported – is a native email client, which is a fairly big faux pas for a tablet aimed at business use. Manufacturer RIM’s CEO Jim Balsillie said of the issue that they will have "an over the air email client to announce very, very soon.”

For us the the UK, the PlayBook is now available for pre-order through several suppliers such as PC World and Currys. Are you planning on picking up a PlayBook when it lands here? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.

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