BlackBerry PlayBook now landing 15 April?

Canadian store claims release will definitely be next month

Long wait for BlackBerry's iPad rival is almost over.

Over six months since it was first paraded by RIM, the BlackBerry PlayBook finally looks set to make its way into the wild. A leaked calendar note sent to Canadian Staples stores suggests the slate will be out, in Canada at least, on 15 April.

The entry for 15 April says, “Bragging rights for the District that sells the most PlayBooks today.” That’s about as clear as it gets without RIM itself weighing in and confirming the release date.

With a Canadian release pegged for mid-April, it’s likely the US will feel the love around the same time. As for a UK release, that’s still unclear. The PlayBook will have plenty of work to do if it wants to grab the headlines, with the iPad 2 storming ahead and the HTC Flyer due out at the same time.

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Via CrackBerry