BlackBerry PlayBook: nearly 1,000 units recalled

Update: RIM speaks out on 16GB PlayBook problems

Slate's troubled start to life continues.

RIM has been forced to recall almost 1,000 faulty BlackBerry PlayBooks in the US after it emerged the tablets were shipped with faults to the operating system.

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Source: BlackBerry PlayBook video | T3 Tech Videos

The mobile maker has handed over serial number details of faulty units to retailers in an attempt to prevent any more of the dodgy devices being sold, while Engadget has published the full list so punters can see if their tablet has been affected.

“RIM determined that approximately one thousand BlackBerry PlayBook tablets (16 GB) were shipped with an OS build that may result in the devices being unable to properly load software upon initial set-up,” announced a BlackBerry spokesperson in an official release.

“The majority of the affected devices are still in the distribution channel and haven’t reached customers. RIM is working to replace the affected devices.

“In the small number of cases where a customer received a PlayBook that is unable to properly load software upon initial set-up, they can contact RIM for assistance.”

The PlayBook has been generally well received, getting favourable reviews for its slick design and neat OS. However, the lack of key features, like native email, have seen it given short shrift in some quarters. This recall will only create more dissenting voices.

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