BlackBerry PlayBook getting 7Digital Music Store

MP3 store will come preloaded on RIM's slate

Move follows tie-up between two companies on BlackBerry phones.

We’re still awaiting the BlackBerry PlayBook’s release, almost six months after RIM first showed off the iPad-botherer. But if ever there was another reason to nab one when it finally hits shelves, this is it. The 7Digital Music Store will come preloaded on the PlayBook from launch.

The move means punters will have access to 13 million 320kbps MP3s, all flogged at the same price as tunes found on 7Digital’s regular web portal. The PlayBook version of the store will also pack a recommendation engine, so music lovers can snag more of the tunes they want (and make 7Digital and BlackBerry a pretty penny in the process).

The store will only be available in the US and Canada at launch, with further rollouts planned for later this year. That’s a bit of a surprise seeing as 7Digital’s a British company.

Expect to see plenty more about this hook-up, as the two companies show off extacly how the app works at this year’s South by South West event in Austin, Texas.

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