BlackBerry PlayBook gets jailbreak in video

BlackBerry say they will plug any breaches in system

While for most companies seeing a video of one of their products getting a jailbreak is frustrating, for RIM, it’s frankly worrying..

Hackers have apparently managed to jailbreak a BlackBerry PlayBook, gaining root access of the tablet.

By getting root access, this means the hackers are able to change any aspect of the tablet, from files to the critical hardware controls of the device.

In a video posted on YouTube the developers show a PlayBook using DingleBerry which then opens up the Hulu app, a program which currently isn’t available for the PlayBook.

This will come as a serious concern for RIM, a company that prides itself on being secure, especially after the PlayBook was the first tablet to gain government authentication. They'll also be looking to plug any leaks in the systems hardware in preparation for RIM's new QNX Android-compatible OS, BBX which is due to land sometime next year.

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Source: Bloomberg