BlackBerry PlayBook email "very, very soon"

RIM promises email client for new slate

New PlayBook owners having to access email via BlackBerry or online.

The BlackBerry PlayBook will be getting its own email client, “…very, very soon,” according to RIM’s Co-CEO Jim Balsillie. The news comes after the PlayBook received a string of mediocre reviews, with its lack of a dedicated email app highlighted by many as a flaw.


BlackBerry PlayBook video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

Speaking to Bloomberg, Balsillie said that new users should hold fire and that they won’t have to wait long for a string of new features. “We have BlackBerry World, our user conference, in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for all capabilities we have coming out on this stuff,” he said.

Balsillie also took time to take a swipe at the iPad, saying, “[The PlayBook] is superior. It’s far more portable, it’s lighter in your hands, you can hold it for longer.” He was also confident of the PlayBook’s success, adding, “I like our chances for a lot of share.”

While that remains to be seen, the fact you can only access email from a BlackBerry via the on-board BlackBerry Bridge software or a webmail client at launch means the PlayBook is already playing catchup.

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Via Engadget and Bloomberg