BlackBerry PlayBook coming April 10th?

RIM tablet making appearance one month post-iPad 2

BlackBerry PlayBook release date just a month after the iPad 2?

With tech's big names clamouring to get the second generation of tablets into the shops post-MWC, RIM are reportedly gearing up for the launch of their own tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, in a bid to steal some lucrative market share from Jobs and Co.

According to an exclusive news post, the good people over at claim that they have been "told by multiple sources that RIM's first tablet will be launching on April 10th", which puts the release date of BlackBerry's own claim to tablet fame just a month after that of the iPad 2 in the States.

We went hands-on with the Berry PlayBook back at CES in January, and came over all funny for its slick interface and feather-light 408g weight. However, since January a lot of the features we were so excited about on the PlayBook have become the tablet norm in the wake of MWC. An iPad competitor it may have been back in January, but is the PlayBook turning up to late to the party? Let us know what you think, as always, via e-mail or on the T3 Twitter feed.