BlackBerry PlayBook Android app compatibility confirmed

RIM says app catalogue will run on the tablet from day one

Angry Birds finds yet another home

RIM has confirmed that it plans to launch an API for developers to easily let users run Android apps on the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The confirmation is a real boon for the device, which is launching in a market where a decent app library can make the difference between success and failure.

“Developers wanting to bring their new and existing apps to the highly anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will soon have additional tools and options to enhance and expand their commercial opportunities,” said RIM.

“Developers currently building for the BlackBerry or Android platforms will be able to quickly and easily port their apps to run on the BlackBerry Tablet OS thanks to a high degree of API compatibility.”

Explaining how the system will work, RIM said that “The new optional app players will be available for download from BlackBerry App World and will be placed in a secure ‘sandbox’ on the BlackBerry PlayBook.” It’ll allow the PlayBook to play BlackBerry, Java or any of the 150,000 available apps from the Android Market.

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Source: T3 Tech Videos