BlackBerry PlayBook: 3G tethering with any phone?

PlayBook plays nice, but not just with BlackBerry devices

...Although that's not official from RIM

Anyone excited about the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, but worried that they might not get the best experience if they’re not a BB phone owner need worry not: word has hit the internet that the tablet will be just as friendly to other mobiles as to RIM’s own devices.

CrackBerry is reporting that the PlayBook, which will be WiFi only at launch, will be able to tether wirelessly to any smartphone. This will allow it to share your handset’s 3G connection for web browsing on the move.

Obviously, this overly-friendly attitude isn’t something that’s been confirmed by manufacturer RIM, so only time will tell if it’s true. We’ll keep you posted. Are you keen on the PlayBook? Let us know your thoughts on the T3 Twitter feed, and check out our video hands on below:

BlackBerry PlayBook: Hands-on