BlackBerry Mobile Fusion makes friends with iPhone

Replacement for Enterprise Server now includes other manufacturers

In what is arguably a non-consumer move RIM has made a huge step to adapting to the new climate it find's itself in with BlackBerry and businesses

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is a secure device-management service that offers customers the ability to safely and securely manage for the first time, BlackBerrys and other handsets all under the same system.

Designed as a replacement to, or to run alongside BlackBerry Enterprise Server the software is a huge step for RIM as it's the first time they've offered they're own security expertise on devices that aren't made by them such as Apple's iPhone 4S.

Announced today and due for release in the first quarter of 2012 the software is a major move by the company, arguably ranking alongside its recent decision to support Android Apps for their latest mobile and tablet OS - BBX.

While some might argue that this is a move to protect themselves RIM is still considered one of the key experts in mobile-security and so offering up support to devices other than their own could be seen as a very tactical move.

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Source: Business Week