BlackBerry may hand over London rioter information

Research In Motion cooperating fully with Home Office

Looters and rioters communicating with BBM may be traced

BlackBerry makers Research In Motion have pledged to help UK police by sharing information relating to the recent spate of riots across the country.

Allegations were made by police earlier this week that rioters were communicating using BlackBerry's encrypted BBM messenger service. David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, said that BBM's encrypted network was "one of the reasons why unsophisticated criminals are outfoxing an otherwise sophisticated police force."

Information that RIM could potentially make available to the police includes a user's name, location, number of messages sent and who those messages were sent to at what time. While under normal circumstances RIM would not be able to release private information about its users without a warrant, an exception is made in the UK Data Protection Act where that information could help the police prevent a crime.

RIM have yet to release a statement, but have reportedly said that it will be cooperating fully with the Home Office during the investigations into the recent unrest.

Via: The Guardian