BlackBerry concept phone adds emotion reading tech

Concept design brings an angular edge to mobiles

BB concept result of RIM funded project

A Research in Motion sponsored project has unveiled a groundbreaking concept design for upcoming BlackBerry handsets.

More than just a basic smartphone, the BlackBerry concept phone, dubbed the Empathy and envisioned by a project carried out by the Art Center College of Design, claims the ability to read users emotions and display the emotional states of contacts in a coloured ring bragging social map.

With a large touchscreen interface that turns transparent when not in use, the RIM concept design offers an insight into the future of mobile design. If the future BlackBerry is anything to go by, the current era of smooth, rounded edged handsets could be given the boot by more angular, original designs.

Despite being nothing more than an idea at present, the graphical user interface of the Empathy, seen in the video below, is not a far stretch of the imagination away with interactive social hubs and relevant, updating contact information becoming increasingly integral to smartphone users.

What do you think of the BlackBerry concept phone, a stunning display of future movements or a farcical pointy brute of a phone? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.