BlackBerry Colt: PlayBook OS-packing phone teased

Early 2012 release planned

Device set to be compromised in order to meet release schedule.

The first phone packing BlackBerry’s QNX operating system, currently only found in the PlayBook tablet, will be released in the first quarter of 2012. That’s according to BGR, which has snagged exclusive details about the top-end phone.

The QNX BlackBerry looks set to cone with a single-core processor, with RIM said to be keen not to hamper the device’s battery life. This will come as a blow to BlackBerry fans, as rival mobile makers look to move beyond dual-core and go to quad-core in 2012. The Colt therefore could be seriously sluggish compared to its rivals.

On top of that, email for companies and businesses may not be up to the usual breezy standards associated with BlackBerry. Problems with getting native email to work on QNX, an issue PlayBook users will be all to aware of, means businesses may need to use Microsoft ActiveSync to get Microsoft Exchange email working on the Colt.

The 2012 release date is well over a year after RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis said a QNX phone would land when dual-core processors were readily available. It all feels as if RIM is going to struggle to match a clutch of killer new rivals with the Colt. Hopefully more gossip in the future will clear up such concerns.