BlackBerry App VP discusses 'mistakes' of BlackBerry 7

VP Chris Smith talks about BlackBerry 10 as a fresh start

BlackBerry's Chris Smith has spoken to T3 about the realisation that BB 7 had to be replaced and the excitement of building an OS completely from scratch

BlackBerry's Vice President of Application Platform & Tools Chris Smith has admitted that the company did make some 'mistakes' with how the company dealt with developers through BlackBerry 7.

"We never had a framework that really made it easy for developers to make that transition, so what we had heard over and over again was it’s hard to build for BlackBerry."

"I’ve been part of the platform team and on the frontline with developers for 5 years, so I’ve felt the pain, I have the bruises to show from the beatings we’ve taken for various decisions or directions or platform mistakes that we’ve invariably made."

However Chris goes on to talk about the turning point that was the decision to build BlackBerry 10 from scratch and the rewards that will affect both developers and BlackBerry as a company.

"We’ve made decisions now based on what you have told us, and [then saying] 'Here’s how it’s going to work on the new platform.' And then seeing that they’re then receptive of that and they get it, and it gives them what they need, that’s pretty rewarding."

"This is something I remind my engineers about all the time when we’re like working away...complaining or arguing over how an API should look, it’s like not everybody gets the opportunity to build a platform from scratch."