BlackBerry app news: Twitter 2.0 officially launched

Improved app helps RIM users get more from Twitter

RIM catches up with rivals thanks to improved Twitter app.

Fresh from the BlackBerry Beta Zone, RIM has officially outed Twitter 2.0 for BlackBerry.

Available now on the BlackBerry App World, the official client now takes on the appearance and functionality of apps on rival services Android and iOS.

The new iteration of the app features a redesigned global navigation bar, featuring a new and easy-to-find compose Tweet button, a single universal search screen and an external notifications header.

RIM trials many of its new apps in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, available to customers who sign-up to the scheme, before they're officially released on the App World.

Twitter 2.0 for BlackBerry is available from the App World now and is a free download.

Link: App World (via CNET)