BlackBerry app news: PlayBook gets video chat

Native Facebook app also added in PlayBook update.

T3 in Orlando, Florida for BlackBerry World 2011.

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has upped its game at the BlackBerry World 2011 expo by adding a video chat app in the latest version of the device's software.

The bespoke video app will allow for one-click calling over Wi-Fi, using both the PlayBook's front-loaded webcam and the rear-facing camera. Users will get incoming call notifications, see picture-in-picture and have the ability to preview video before going live.

The app, which will also feature a friends list and more in-call functionality, will provide a rival to Apple's FaceTime app on the iPad and will be launched later this month with the PlayBook software update 1.0.3.

Another newcomer to the PlayBook this month will be a native Facebook app, which will offer all of the functionality served up by other mobile versions of the social networking app.

The 7-inch RIM slate was launched last month to mixed reviews with many citing that the product felt unfinished due to some limited functionality. These new apps will go a long way towards rectifying that criticism.

There'll also be a new version of BlackBerry Messenger coming to the App World.

T3 is here at BlackBerry World in Orlando, Florida so stay tuned to the site for all of the latest news and videos from the event over the next couple of days.

Link: BlackBerry World