BitTorrent harnesses Twitter power in Torrent Tweet

Digital fingerprints for torrents streamline online discussion

App creates digital fingerprints to streamline conversation on Twitter.

BitTorrent Inc has unveiled a new app for their uTorrent client that allows users to track and discuss individual torrents using Twitter. Torrent Tweet aims to streamline the process of discussion in the file-sharing community by allowing people to see tweets about a specific file they are downloading.

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BitTorrent vice president, Simon Morris suggests that the app will centralise conversation to ensure users are completely aware of the torrents they are using.

“The point of Torrent Tweet is to adapt the powerful referencing system built into BitTorrent to the incredible social interaction engine that Twitter has built such that people can have conversations about things they are downloading, and they can be sure that they are talking about the same thing.”

The integration with Twitter works by way of a hashtag (#bt) prefixing a code unique to each torrent file. Morris refers to the codes as ‘infohashes’ and hopes other sites will make the hashtag an addition in the hopes that discussions can be “accessed and propagated there and everywhere that Twitter is available”.