title: BioShock Infinite: Trailers / url: trailer

bioshock infinite songbird concept art

BioShock Infinite: Trailers

One of the key sources of information surrounding BioShock Infinite has been the steady stream of trailers that has come from Irrational Games.

[Warning Spoilers]


BioShock Infinite Heavy Hitters:
The heavy hitters are the ‘Big Daddy’s’ of the Infinite mythology, bred from horrible experiments and otherworldly experiences these enemies are all unique and all cripplingly difficult to beat.

Mechanised Patriot:
The Mechanised Patriot is essentially the walking tank of the Heavy Hitters. A soulless machine built to resemble George Washington this hideous mix of porcelain and metal is equipped with a Gatling Gun that can be picked up once killed.

Making his debut in the first BioShock Trailer this Ape-like robot is an expert at flying across rooftops and using its brute strength, with a charge that would knock a Rhino for six this Hitter is best kept at a distance.

bioshock infinite handyman concept art

Boys of Silence:
A horrific mix between boy and man this creature has been imprisoned with an almost medieval contraption upon its head. Whilst unable to deal any damage itself this Heavy Hitter can be heard miles away bringing plenty of unwanted attention your way.

This creature is neither human nor spirit, breaching both worlds it has the rather unfortunate ability of bringing the dead back to life and fighting on her behalf. The most tactical of the Heavy Hitter so far this one gives players the choice of either fighting the Siren or the dead she has risen.