Bing touts new music, gaming and TV skills

Microsoft search engine makes next move in war with Google

New offerings offer access to lyrics, downloads, game cheats and TV listings.

Bing’s already earned itself a rep for making targeted web searches more rounded and helpful. And now Microsoft is throwing in some new features to make music, gaming and TV searches more intuitive.

The new functionality means music searches will now throw up easy access to lyrics, latest tour dates, snaps of your favourite artist gurning on stage and even download links to Zune, Amazon and iTunes.

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TV lovers are also getting some action, with results throwing back full length episodes to watch and even listings info telling you where you can watch your favourite show. Gamers will also be able to search more directly for cheats and play basic titles within their browser.

You can give the new features a whirl now. Will they make you switch from Google? Tell us what you think.

Via Electronista