Bing search app makes Android Market debut in US

Google rival brings search app to Verizon phones

No news yet on UK launch for Microsoft search app

Good news for Android users, Microsoft is beginning to roll out an application for it's increasingly popular Bing search engine, following the launch on the Apple iPhone last year.

The app has appeared on the Android Market for Verizon Wireless customers in the United States and is free to download for users of that network.

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While there's no immediate news of a UK release it's nice to see Microsoft getting the ball rolling on this one. First indications are that the application is a winner.

With much the same interface as the web-based platform, Bing for Android is tailored to the on-the-go user, with location-based searches for restaurants, movies and directions. There's also a voice-search option added to the search bar.

The app is also self-contained, with maps and local restaurants all tied in together, so you won't have to launch seperate applications to find your chosen destination.

Link: Bing (via Computer World)