Bing Attractions search launches to guide tourists

New service picks out holiday must-sees...

Bing and Trip Advisor have teamed up to provide a new way to look for hotspots in 6,600 cities worldwide

Bing’s had its work cut out for it since day one, playing catch up with Google. To that end, it’s implemented a number of cool features over its short lifespan. Now a new one has just joined the fray, by the name of Bing Attractions.

Attractions is aimed at tourists, and brings detailed info of over 50,000 POI in 6,600 cities worldwide. By searching for the city you’re soon to venture to, Bing Attractions will show you all the must-see parts.

Results can then be filtered by a myriad sub-catagories such as Art & Culture, Green, Lakes, Rivers & Beaches, Attractions and Landmarks, as well as places suitable for kids.

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Each entry has a link to a Trip Advisor reviews and Bing Maps entry. Your holiday sorted? Let us know what you think of Bing Attractions on the T3 Twitter feed.

Link: Bing Attractions