Bing and Yahoo more effective than Google search

Google still holds two thirds of search engine traffic

Bing and Yahoo pull ahead in successful search rate.

Despite its stranglehold on the search engine market, new research has suggested that Google may not be as effective at trawling the web than its competitors Yahoo and Bing.

While two thirds of searches conducted online in July were done through Google, online "competetive intelligence" (nope, us neither) company Experian Hitwise claims that only 68% of those actually resulted in users clicking through to a link Google had brought back, marking a successful search. Yahoo and Bing, on the other hand, both garnered more than an 80% success rate, suggesting users abandoning Google in favour of the two underdogs actually find it easier to get what they want out of the web.

Not that these figures will trouble Google much. Microsoft's Bing accounted for just under 13.9% of searches in the US in July, with Yahoo taking 14.9%, leaving Google far in the lead before we even get to its other web services like Youtube, Translate, Maps and Gmail. But if it's accuracy you're after, the experts have spoken.

Via: PCWorld, Experian Hitwise