Bike Hub satnav for cyclists app comes to Android

iPhone cyclists' aid heads over to Android

Download and beat the winter blues with a snowy two-wheeled adventures.

Bike Hub, a successful satnav app for cyclists, has now landed on the Android platform.

The app, which is free to download from the Android Market, includes turn-by-turn voice navigation and allows users to plot their two-wheeled adventures throughout the country, while keeping their phone in their pocket thanks to handy vibrations.

The app has been a major success since its launch on the iPhone in September, using route data from Cyclestreets and OpenCycleMaps, which comes from the OpenStreetMaps community resource. There's also information on cycle hire schemes, the ability to plot the fastest bike-specific routes and also to save your favourite routes.

The Android app doesn't yet have the full array of features. Full satnav functionality and bike shop finder, along with news and events, will arrive in an update in January.

Link: Bike Hub (via