The best iPad Air 2 deals 2016

All of the cheapest prices on the iPad Air 2 this week

The iPad Air 2 is probably the best-value tablet on the planet these days. It may be a year old but it hasn’t aged a bit – the only thing that’s changed is the price which is now a lot cheaper.

This tablet measures 9.7-inches across and thus is can be considered a ‘normal’ iPad – bigger than the iPad mini and smaller than the jump iPad Pro.

It’s slim, powerful and miles better than most Android tablets at pretty much everything, whether that’s productivity, playing games or just surfing the web.

From the amazing engineering that enabled this thing so be made so thin and yet still feeling so premium, to the A8X chip which has given the tablet more grunt than anything else out there, it’s a first class tablet. And with iOS 9+ on board, some of the bugs with the new OS have been fixed (although the odd crash does creep in now and then) and the ability to reply to messages within other apps is awesome. This is the people’s tablet, and the best iPad Air 2 deals can be found below: