The very best GoPro deals for April 2017

Here you'll find the latest and bes GoPro deals anywhere

Good things come in small packages and this is definitely true for the GoPro action camera - check out the very best GoPro deals on this page.

This tiny, lightweight, camera can be mounted to pretty much anything, including the dog! And with it's famous fish-eye wide lens, rugged waterproof casing, it will have no problem keeping up with you. 

However, with GoPro reporting a decline in sales, there are some great deals around at the moment. 

We'll update this page with all the latest GoPro deals as and when we get them. 

How to choose the best GoPro for you

With nine different GoPro models available, choosing which GoPro can leave your head in a spin. 

In an attempt to simplify, you could go for a top, middle or entry level option, the Hero5 Black( £349), the Hero5 Session (£249) and the Hero4 Session (£179). These are also the only three available from GoPro, as even they agreed having too many options was confusing. However, you can still find other models elsewhere and at good prices. 

Below we look at five (of the nine) GoPro cameras we believe are worth considering this Black Friday. 

The very best Hero5 Black deals

The newest camera on the block, the Hero5 Black has a touchscreen for easier control and is water resistant without a housing case. Like the Hero5 Session, it offers video recording up to 4K and the option to change the Field of View (FOV). Options include, SuperView, Wide, Medium, Narrow and Linear. GoPro recognised not everyone wanted the wide fish-eye look every time. 

Unlike the Hero5 Session, the Hero5 Black offers the highest frame rates, in certain resolutions, and offers a higher resolution sensor. It also has professional grade low-light performance and ultra-sharp image quality with reduced distortion, this is what the extra money buys you. 

However, the Hero5 Black is bigger than the Hero5 Session, a factor maybe worth considering. 

The very best Hero5 Session deals

The Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session have a lot of cross overs in terms of offering similar features. Both are able to offer up to 4K video recording, both have voice control and both are water resistant (up to 10 meters) without a housing case. 

The Hero5 session is also smaller and discreet, with less wind drag, making it more attractive if you want to mount it on a helmet or elsewhere on yourself. 

Costing £100 less than the Hero5 Black, the Hero5 Session is a strong option. Some of the features you would be missing out on include, higher frame rates, touchscreen control, longer battery life, RAW images and GPS capture. If this is worth the extra £100 or not, is up to you.  

The very best Hero Session deals

The Hero Session camera is similar in looks to that of it's older brother the Hero5 Session. It is also water resistant up to 10m, and weighs exactly the same. That's about it for likeness. Many of the newer features available on the previous models don't exist on the Hero Session. 

It does not offer voice control, 4K video recording, video stabilisation or auto image upload. It has two different field of view settings and has a smaller sensor size, meaning image quality and low-light performance is weaker. But £70 cheaper than the Hero5 Session it still does what it sets out to do and very well.  

The very best Hero3 deals

A mid range GoPro camera (£249) and although it is no longer sold by GoPro, it is still available through other retailers. It supports up to 1080p (30fps) video and 5MP photos. It offers different field of vision options, ultra wide, medium or narrow, Wi-Fi, waterproofing up to 40 metres - with a housing case (unlike the previous three) and consumer grade low lighting performance. 

As the Hero5 takes over we are sure to see the prices of these older models, drop, something that hasn't really happened yet. 

The very best GoPro Hero deals

The most basic Hero model and as mentioned it is no longer available through GoPro, but can be found on other retailers. It offers a wide field of view, 1080p at 30fps, water resistance up to 10m with a housing case and a consumer grade low light performance. It does not have Wi-Fi, night mode, auto image rotation, video looping or an external studio mic.

If you 're not fussed about high frame rates or 4K quality video then the Hero could be the camera for you. Though you may come to regret not paying that little bit extra for Wi-Fi and multi field of view features available on the other models.