Beats mixr Headphones unveiled as DJ-centric cans

Beats and David Guetta team up to launch the Beats mixr

Beats mixr Headphones launched in association with David Guetta

Beats Audio has joined forces with acclaimed DJ David Guetta to officially unveil the new Beats mixr headphones designed specifically for those behind the decks.

Combining Beat’s by Dr. Dre’s infamous premium sound qualities with sleek, compact styling the Beats mixr headphones with play host to ear cups able to swivel through a full 180 degrees in order to allow users to stay switched in to their tunes whilst also listening to the wider world.

“The Beats mixr is designed as the ultimate weapon of choice for DJs, providing them with a direct connection between the music and the audience.” said Jimmy Iovine co-founder of Beats by Dr. Dre. “The quality of headphones can make or break a performance and the Beats mixr will provide DJs with studio quality sound along with the impact of a live concert in product that is durable and flexible enough to withstand the most intense performances.”

David Guetta added: “Our vision was to create the perfect world class headphone for DJs and music lovers alike. I use headphones every day in the studio and every night at gigs, so I know how important the difference in quality is and want to share that.”

Set to launch in the UK later this year priced £249.95 the Beats mixr Headphones will be made available in both black and white colour schemes with a selection of gloss or matte finishes.

Earlier today pictures of a pair of Beats Wireless Headphones leaked online following the cable-free cans' appearance at the FCC testing facility in the US.

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