BBM Music official

New Spotify rival revealed by RIM

Closed beta kicks off in UK and US as RIM looks to fight back in smartphone wars.

RIM’s oft-rumoured streaming service, BBM Music, has finally gone official. The new package is aimed at making music social, with users able to share playlists with friends for a $4.99 monthly fee.

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The concept is simple, yet actually rather brilliant. Your $4.99 allows you access to 50 tracks a month from millions of tracks offered up by all four major music labels. You can then change up to 25 tracks every month.

That might seem like a stingy number of tunes, but there’s genius behind it. See, every one of your BBM friends who subscribes to BBM Music then shares their 50 tracks with you, giving you potentially thousands of tracks depending on just how popular you are. Essentially, the more friends you have, the more music you can listen to.

A timeline shows all recent updates from your BBM Music friends, so you’ll know just what new songs have been added and which ones have been cruelly taken away. There’s even offline syncing, so you can listen even when you haven’t got reception.

BBM Music is currently in closed beta here in the UK, so fingers crossed BlackBerry gives you the call. If not, just pray it’s not long until this gets a full rollout.