BBC set to launch UK's first scripted 3D comedy drama

Jumping on the extra-dimensional bandwagon the BBC is set to launch its first 3D drama

Offering an extra-dimensional break from 3D films and repeated sporting content, the BBC is set to introduce the first scripted 3D comedy drama

The BBC looks set to introduce the UK’s first scripted 3D drama with new reports suggesting the nation’s broadcaster is to begin works on an extra-dimensional comedy in the coming months.

Set to be the first project in a two year trial of 3D broadcasting abilities, trade magazine Broadcast has suggested the BBC’s head of 3D Kim Shillinglaw is currently in talks with the network’s comedy commissioner Cheryl Taylor in regards to the new technology experiment.

Currently limited largely to big budget movies and a selection of sporting events and documentaries, extra-dimensional content is to become an increasingly important aspect of broadcasting schedules as the range of consumer available 3D capable TVs rise in popularity.

Confirming that the new 3D comedy drama is set to hit screens early next year, the BBC’s 3D head Shillinglaw has said that it will be “broadcastable wherever possible” and will be the first in a series of 3D experiments across a range of genres.

She added: “Each genre presents different challenges, and we have to make sure with each experiment that we are testing some aspect of production or distribution.”

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Via: Broadcast