BBC online cuts to see half of top 400 websites shut down

Beeb's online offering to face drastic cuts

Radio axed from iPlayer as BBC Online is thinned out

Britain’s flagship broadcaster the BBC has announced it is to implement a number of major cutbacks with its online outlets taking the brunt of the axe’s force.

In an attempt to bring online costs down from £137 million to £103 million per annum by the 2013/2014 financial year, the BBC has reported that half of its 400 “top line” domains will be closed down with automated content filling the expansive void.

Whilst local news and sport coverage is to be drastically reduced, one of the biggest content culls will see radio removed from the BBC’s on-demand catch-up service iPlayer with back episode hunting audiophiles to instead be turned in the direction of the dedicated sites for the individual broadcast stations.

Keen to emphasise the importance of online content to the Beeb, BBC Director General Mark Thompson announced: “BBC online lies at the heart of the BBC' s digital future.” He added: "As in television and radio, licence fee payers look to the BBC to inform, educate and entertain them online.”

Expanding on the reasoning of the upcoming cuts Thompson said: “As digital technologies advance, internet delivery of content becomes more important and more profound in our lives.

"BBC Online is a huge success, but our vast portfolio of websites means we sometimes fall short of expectation. A refocusing of our editorial priorities, of commitment to the highest quality standards and a more streamlined and collegiate way of working will help us transform BBC Online for the future."

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Via: TechRadar