BBC Olympic website mocks 'Facebook saddos'

Holding page has no love for the social networking crowd

Beeb fails to understand its audience Pt.23,592

The BBC has managed to shed its stuck-in-the-dark-ages reputation in recent years, thanks to the pioneering iPlayer and fantastic web services, but an embarrassing online cock-up has left the corporation the laughing stock of the web.

The corporation, or more likely the web production company it employs, mistakenly went live with an early version of the 2012 Olympics microsite, which featured an "Follow us" invitation to join its coverage on Facebook and Twitter.

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Next to the "F" logo was the holding text : "You can become a saddo on Facebook", which doesn't exactly reflect the national institution's love for the way many of the nation's inhabitants choose to communicate in the year 2010.

The rest of the page looks solid enough, and it's good to see that the BBC is cracking on with its plans for the London olympics early, but someone's arse is definitely getting kicked this morning.

Link: BBC (pictures via Media Blog)