BBC iPlayer wins battle of the brands in annual poll

UK tax allegations hurt Amazon and Google's rep, says YouGov survey

A new poll suggests the iPlayer was Britain's favourite brand in 2012, while last year's winner Amazon dropped to third after allegations of UK tax avoidance

The BBC iPlayer was the UK's most buzzworthy brand of 2012, according to a national poll from YouGov.

The YouGov BrandIndex survey asked over 2,000 people each day whether they had heard positive or negative news about a particular brand or company.

The iPlayer, which achieved record viewership figures once again, appeared on more devices than ever before, vastly improved its smartphone and tablet apps and did a blinding job of covering the Olympic Games came first with an overall score of 30.

In second place was the retailer John Lewis with a score of 24.6, and last year's winner Amazon came third with 24.1 points. Google, which finished in fourth place last year dropped out of the top ten completely in 2012.

Sarah Murphy of BrandIndex said that the iPlayer had been incubated from the various scandals at the BBC in 2012, while Amazon and Google's reputation may have taken a hit as a result of continued allegations of tax dodging.

She said: "With all the dreadful things that have happened, the BBC brand is still very strong. While the BBC umbrella brand is definitely being hit and is at the lowest levels ever seen, there has been no knock-on effect for products like the iPlayer and its website.

"Amazon had a score of 32.1 last year, so a fall of eight points is a statistically significant drop for them. What we'd attribute that drop to would be the recent tax avoidance debate. Until now, Google had always been one of the strongest brands we track."

Via TechRadar